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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea TreatmentSnoring is a part of life, right? Many people may think this and other symptoms of sleep apnea are entirely untreatable. Most people with sleep apnea can benefit from treatment, so long as the correct type is administered. Our sleep apnea treatment expert crafts an individualized treatment plan based on the symptoms and medical history of the patient.

Here are some common ways to treat sleep apnea:

    • Losing Weight
      Sleep apnea afflicts a huge portion of Americans, roughly 18 million. Of this 18 million, approximately 70% are overweight or obese. This is an overwhelming figure, and doctors have taken note. They advise anyone suffering from sleep apnea and obesity to handle the one they can more easily control, which is weight loss. There are few formal medical studies validating this connection between obesity and sleep apnea, but our expert in sleep apnea treatment often notices significant improvement of sleep apnea symptoms upon weight loss.
    • Change in Sleeping Position
      Occasionally sleep apnea is the result of sleeping on the back. Our sleep apnea treatment expert recommends sleeping on your side to relieve your symptoms. If you are having trouble self-adjusting during the night, look into purchasing a product like a special pillow to encourage side sleeping.
    • Oral Appliances
      Oral appliances are like mouth guards for sports players and are worn while you sleep. They gently hold the lower jaw slightly forward in an effort to keep the airway open. Wearing a sleep apnea oral appliance often proves very effective, according to our expert in sleep apnea treatment.
    • Latest Development in Sleep Apnea Treatment
      The most recent FDA-approved way to treat sleep apnea implants a device in your chest that senses your breathing patterns. The device acts as a nerve stimulus to hold your airway open. Clinical trials for this recent device proved fruitful, as nearly 70% of participants experienced fewer sleep apnea symptoms overall. The verdict is still out on these devices, so ask our sleep apnea dentist for more information regarding this new treatment.

If you would like to know more about sleep apnea treatments in regards to your own symptoms, call our office today to schedule a consultation with our sleep apnea dentist.


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