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Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Sleep Apnea SymptomsSleep tends to shroud things in a sort of mystery. Sleep occurs most often at night, in the quiet. We often dream when we sleep, and sometimes we do not remember our dreams at all. Unless it was especially traumatic or exciting, we tend to forget the subject matter of our dreams. Like sleep, sleep apnea is mysterious, and like dreams, sleepers rarely recall any sleep apnea symptoms occurring.

Being aware of the potential effects of sleep apnea can help you recognize if you or a loved one suffers from it. Some common sleep apnea symptoms are:

  • Insomnia
  • Daytime fatigue (hypersomnia)
  • Loud, disruptive snoring
  • Waking abruptly during the night feeling short of breath
  • Waking up with a sore throat or dry mouth
  • AM headaches
  • Problems focusing or paying attention to things
  • Frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom
  • Intense mood swings or irritability throughout your day
  • Trouble remembering old things or learning new ones

Most of these symptoms can be easily ignored or attributed to other factors. For example, you may think your snoring is normal and nothing to worry about. Snoring is not always a sign of sleep apnea, and those with sleep apnea do not always snore. If you do snore loudly at night, especially with long silences, gasping, or choking intermixed, consult a sleep apnea doctor. If you have a sleeping partner, try to bring them along to your appointment. He or she will often know more about your snoring than you.

Even children can experience sleep apnea. In young folks, the disorder reveals itself differently. If you think your child may have sleep apnea, keep an eye out for these sleep apnea symptoms:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Unwarranted angry or hostile behavior
  • Poor performance in the classroom
  • Mouth breathing during the day

Be sure to visit a doctor if you are snoring loudly at night or feeling frequent bouts of sleepiness during the day. These are the most common sleep apnea symptoms and the easiest ones to recognize. If you or a loved one is plagued by snoring or hypersomnia, call our office today to schedule a consultation for sleep apnea.


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