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Sleep Apnea Specialist

Sleep Apnea SpecialistRoughly 40% of Americans fall short of the physician-recommended amount of nightly sleep. More than 30% of Americans suffer from insomnia. No matter the sleeping issue, these statistics prove it is not uncommon to have trouble sleeping in this country. Sleep apnea, although not as prevalent as sleep deprivation or insomnia, afflicts more people than you may realize. Keep reading if you are unsure of what sleep apnea entails or how our sleep apnea specialist diagnoses and treats the disorder. 

Because most sleep apnea symptoms occur during sleep, it can often be difficult for individuals to identify their own issue. Oftentimes your partner may note the presence of sleep apnea before you do! He or she may perceive strange pauses in your breathing during sleep or loud snoring that disturbs his or her own sleep quality. Sleep apnea often affects your life outside of sleep, resulting in morning headaches or extreme daytime fatigue. Shortness of breath resulting from sleep apnea may even awaken you from sleep, night or day. No matter the degree of seriousness, if you experience any of these symptoms, a visit to our sleep apnea specialist is highly recommended. 

To diagnose sleep apnea, our sleep apnea specialist will most likely conduct a sleep study known as PSG, or a polysomnogram. This study is usually administered in a sleep lab, although there are accurate home sleep tests available now as well. During its duration, your breath and heart rates, blood oxygen levels, and physical movements are measured and documented. If your breathing is disrupted over 5 times an hour, our specialist will diagnose you with OSA, or obstructive sleep apnea. OSA involves blocked airways due to relaxed throat muscles. This is the most common form of sleep apnea and can often be easily treated. 

The most effective means of treating OSA involve a machine pushing air through a face mask to keep your throat from blocking your airway. Otherwise, our sleep apnea specialist may provide you with a custom-made oral appliance, which also works to keep your airways free of obstruction. 

Should you require a consultation or treatment for sleep apnea, call our office today to schedule an appointment with our specialist in sleep apnea.


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