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Sleep Apnea Side Effects

Sleep Apnea Side EffectsThe concept of beauty rest has invaded popular culture. Thanks to the staying power of the 17th century French fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty,” sleep is something meant to look effortless and render the sleeper beautiful. This is not always the case, of course. In our modern age of nonstop communication and exposure to digital screens, sleep can be a difficult thing to come by. As Americans, we have a particularly tricky relationship to sleep, millions of us suffering from sleep apnea, a sleep related disorder involving interrupted breathing patterns. Numerous sleep apnea side effects often accompany sleep apnea. Familiarity with these can help people know when to seek treatment.

Sleep apnea side effects often include:

  • Snoring
    Keep in mind, not all snoring indicates sleep apnea. Snoring also tends to result from nasal congestion or a night of heavy drinking. Sleep apnea-related snoring tends to be extremely loud, often even disrupting the sleep of partners. A period of silence tends to occur following a bout of loud snoring, during which your breathing is momentarily stopped. Occasionally, sleep apnea patients let out a loud gasp as they begin to breathe again. For some sleep apnea sufferers, this pattern of snoring and breath stoppages repeats through the curse of the night.
  • Extreme Daytime Fatigue
    As far as sleep apnea side effects go, this one affects not only you and your partner, but potentially a lot of other people. Suffering from sleep apnea increases your risk of being involved in accidents using machinery, like a car crash. As a result of this disorder, your work and family life might also suffer.
  • A variety of negative symptoms upon waking
    Sleep apnea side effects do not set one up well for the day. Oftentimes, sufferers wake up with pounding headaches, dry mouth, or an irritated throat. You may also feel dehydrated and unrefreshed in the morning.

If your sleep apnea is impeding the way you live from day to day, you may benefit from professional help. Our sleep apnea dentist provides treatment for sleep apnea, ranging from breathing machines to oral appliances. Call our office today to schedule consultation with our dentist.


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